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Thrifted Style Bundle

Personal Shopping Style Bundle


I will send you a 100% personalized curation of second hand clothes. I work with you start to finish on finding you pieces that will elevate your wardrobe and fill the gaps of what you want more of in your life. I style babies and adults of all ages! I sanitize/wash all the clothing that goes out of my studio which is included in the fee.


Shop at Home 

Price range: $150 - $2,000

I will send you a Google form survey to get to know a bit about you and what you're looking for. 

Once received, I'll curate a style bundle for you. I'll also put together a personalized video of options you can choose from. You screenshot the video and tell me what you like and I send the pieces you loved to try. Once received you try them on, keep what you love, and send me back what doesn't work using the provided prepaid label.


A $35 shipping cost will be added to each order to cover shipping back and forth.


*additional rounds of shopping and bundle videos available for an extra fee*

*customers find this to be the best option to be able to find clothes that fit*

Personalized 5 item Bundle

You pick the pieces of clothing including shipping.

You will fill out a form and I will send you a video with options to choose from in your sizes.

You pick 5 pieces of your choice! 

No returns. $150

*if you're a person who is open to different styles/fits this is a great option for you! if sizing is important to you this is not the best option


(designer items may be priced differently)

In order to keep things simple all styling & cleaning fees are included in the cost of clothing.

Shipping costs are separate.

T-Shirt $15 - $35

Longsleeve Button Down $20 - $40

Shortsleeve Button Down $20 - $35

Leather Jacket - $60 - $100

Dress $30 - $75

Blazer $35- $80

Suit Jacket $60 and up

Suit Pant $30 and up

Full Suit $75 and up

Jeans $30 - $70

Dress Pant $30 - $70

Further Questions?

Schedule a Free  15 minute consult call with me!

When you say second hand clothes, what do you mean? 

Second hand clothing is a general term for any piece of clothing that has had a previous owner. Sometimes the clothes haven't been worn before and the previous owner just didn't get around to wearing them and on the other hand there are pieces that have been well loved. All that to say, some garments need some extra love and attention & some second hand clothing may have some minor flaws. I take time to wash, stain treat, and mend all the clothes that come through my door. I ask that you keep an open mind when working with me. Part of the joy of working with second hand clothes are finding treasures; each garment is like a little gem.


" Melissa is the perfect blend of efficiency, artistic eye, and stylistic awareness. I didn't know how insecure I used to feel until Melissa redid my entire closet, sourcing only secondhand clothes and stylizing specifically to my personality. Now, when I step into the world I feel confident in how I look and what I'm wearing, and get to express myself more authentically with pieces that no one else has. "

In Person Styling Session/
Closet Clean Out

In Person NY / LA / NOLA or virtual!

Let me help you "clean out your closet".  If you have a closet full of clothes and you have no idea what to wear-- lets go through your closet! I love to style you with what you already own. We can then find the gaps in your wardrobe and I can fill them and shop for new pieces for you!

Event Styling

Red Carpet Event Styling available!

$500 - $1000 styling session fee, per look,

plus the cost of clothing.

I work with sustainable brands and vintage pieces. 

I would love to work together to put together a look that makes you feel elevated and like yourself.

Happy to do a red carpet bundle for you as well. I currently work with clients on a rolling basis. We can curate specific red carpet looks for any type of events. I will constantly be on the lookout for pieces in your style for any future events as well. Let's have a phone call to discuss!

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