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faq and testimonials

How do you come up with costs for bundles?

In order to keep things simple all styling & cleaning fees are included in the cost of clothing.

All clothes have been cleaned and/or sanitized.

Shipping costs are separate.

T-Shirt $20 and up

Longsleeve Button Down $30 and up

Shortsleeve Button Down $30 and up

Leather Jacket - $75 and up

Dress $35 and up

Blazer $35 and up

Suit Jacket $60 and up

Suit Pant $30 and up

Full Suit $75 and up

Jeans $35 and up

Dress Pant $35 and up

When you say second hand clothes, what do you mean? 

Second hand clothing is a general term for any piece of clothing that has had a previous owner. Sometimes the clothes haven't been worn before and the previous owner just didn't get around to wearing them and on the other hand there are pieces that have been well loved. All that to say, some garments need some extra love and attention & some second hand clothing may have some minor flaws. I take time to wash, stain treat, and mend all the clothes that come through my door. I ask that you keep an open mind when working with me. Part of the joy of working with second hand clothes are finding treasures; each garment is like a little gem.


" Melissa is the perfect blend of efficiency, artistic eye, and stylistic awareness. I didn't know how insecure I used to feel until Melissa redid my entire closet, sourcing only secondhand clothes and stylizing specifically to my personality. Now, when I step into the world I feel confident in how I look and what I'm wearing, and get to express myself more authentically with pieces that no one else has. "

"Working with Melissa is a no brainer. Her process is straightforward and allows for true collaboration- I feel seen and taken care of every single time. She has a unique ability to zero in on my personal style then select pieces that not only match my style EXACTLY but also ones that push me to try things I wouldn't normally gravitate to...and then become obsessed with. Also it's good for the planet, so, like, we all win! "

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