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hi i'm melissa~

I'm a sustainable stylist and I'd love to work together!

I work with my clients on finding pieces that make them feel good. I also have an extreme distaste for the toxic fashion industry that is overproducing and discarding clothes. SO! I work with second hand clothes and small sustainable brands that pay fair wages to their employees. But 99% of my work is with thrifted clothing that I source in your size, clean, mend and then hand them off to you to love. 

I've always been obsessed with thrifting and finding hidden gems- I now can include you on my treasure hunts and take your wardrobe to the next level. Whether you haven't bought clothes in 10 years or you're a seasoned thrifter I work with all sorts of people to find them things that make them feel more themselves. Clothing is a vessel to elevate YOU into feeling cool, bold, fun and free. I work with clients who want to start to enjoy getting dressed. I just want you to like yourself and have fun dressing up. Lets play!

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